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Bitcoin Reaches 11,000 USDs what is next?

Bitcoin reaches 11,000

When I started to invest into Bitcoins in 2014 I remember that the highest price was around 1,100 Dollars per Bitcoin. The whole year 2014 was bad for Bitcoin because it was only sold, I mean price fall from $ 1,100 Dollars to $ 250.

The recovery was slow but it worth it, almost the whole year 2015 was up, reaching prices between $ 650 and $ 800 dollars. Years 2016 and 2017 have been the best for cryptocurrencies.

This year 2017 Bitcoin was at a price around $ 1200 and to close it reached $ 11,350 Dollars. It could be classified as the best investment of the year since it obtained gains of% 1000. I believe that in any Bank, Financial Instrument or Market would give you that possibility to Earn% 1000 in a year. I assure you that if you talk to an economist, or an expert in financial markets, they will tell you that you are crazy.

 For Bitcoin investors and other cryptocurrencies, the ideal and the perfect world for them is that the price always goes up, that the graphics reflect those huge green candles with profits, but those that we are really dedicated to study the markets to understand their behaviors We know that not all the time can be raising the investment, everything is passenger.

That is, both the bad and positive spells are transient, they can not last all the time behaving in one way. So, now that Bitcoin reached $ 10,000 - $ 11,000 Dollars that comes? Should I buy? Should I sell at high risk? All these questions and uncertainty is likely that most Bitcoin traders are thinking about that.

 Personally, I already sold most of my cryptocurrencies waiting for them to come down next year, I think between January and February of 2018 it would be a good time to buy at low prices. I have like a "theory" of what could happen and the signals to be aware of.

 In the 30-minute chart the MACD obtained a strong volume sale and the separation of the prices in the MACD can mark a strong sale, it would only be necessary to confirm that the EMAS (where the blue arrow is) are separated and that these same signals they are reflected in the 4 hour chart so that the correction possibly to $ 5,500 - $ 6,000 is confirmed.

 If you can see in the 4 hour BTC / USD chart (Exchanger Kraken) the EMAS have not separated (upper blue circle) and the volume of purchase and sale looks a bit even, we would have to wait until these sales volumes go up to that the price has a correction to start between $ 9500. Possibly Bitcoin falls gradually, first to $ 9,000, then $ 8,000 and so on to possibly between $ 5,500 and $ 6,000

There is big uncertainty among the traders, what is going to happen with all that money that possibly get out (cashing out profits ) from Bitcoin?   It is hard to know cleary and with precision whats going to happen this but I personally think that most will buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other currencies that are low. Few people have the patience to have their money there for a while standing in which prices fall and then buy again. Most of the traders are millennials that are a bit inpatient. It is possible that they send their money to other currencies that are low in price in order to sell when they rise and with the profits buy Bitcoin at a price below. A few days ago I tweeted about this:
We are going to wait this week to see how the markets of cryptocurrencies move. Good luck and success to all.

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