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10 Facts Schools Never Taught You

Check this out, here are 10 Facts schools never taught you, but should have:

1. You are either rich or you are poor :

Grant Cardone don't want to scare you or scare me,  but everyday, more people fall down to poverty. 50 million people in America are on food stamps, Medium wealth class is falling around 25 -30% to poverty level. Its a fact that the middle class is disappearing and either you are rich or you are poor. Grant Cardone says that millionaires are the new middle class.. Think about it.  

2. A 40-hour workweek is for slaves; you’ll work double that for freedom:

Most of the people work from Monday to Friday and they are anxious always for Fridays and hate Mondays. I have been there too and Uncle G kinda explains about it: Working 40 hours a week probably in a job you don't like is probably like being a slave.

3. Life isn’t fair and economies are even less so:

People sometimes expect that because they are nice in life people and probably economy will be good with them, kinda like karma... Karma seems to work in some areas of life but trust me, in business and economics it works totally different. You need to be prepare for the storm, Creating different channels and ways of income is a great way to survive economic recession, "storms", etc...

4. Success will not depend on your education, but on your actions:

You were not the smartest guy in your class room ? You are lucky cause most of the Millionaires didn't too. What it means is that your grades or college degree will not guarantee your success either in life or business. You need to study more by yourself like private seminars, books, courses, webinars, surround yourself with privileged information and you will how more vision than many of your competitors.

5. The world doesn’t care if you succeed or fail:

The World, even your closest friends and family don't care if you succeed or fail, in fact they will probably expect that you fail too because they failed... So they are like expecting you to stay at the same levels they are and this is why you need to push harder everyday. You need to let them know your attitude and goals are way too different from the rest of the people. When you start to think like this people notice and will try to be with you because they want to be part of the success and part of the money.

6. You’re owed nothing, deserve nothing and are entitled to nothing:

Many people are always expecting things because they are in certain positions, it could be friend, family or work. For example: sometimes employees complain about their lunch time: " 20 -30 mins for lunch time is too short,we should like 1 hour " - Maybe they are right, but are you working to win that hour for lunch ? Or you are working mad and giving bad and low results expecting that your boss comes to you and say : Hey ! I know what you want, you want more money and free time right ?! Here it is ! I am sorry I didn't knew you wanted that... THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN, TRUST ME You need to prove yourself that you are different from most of the employees, that you are not only there to make your job, you are there to make the company better and take it to the next level. When your boss see this attitude, this courage to help the company and doing more that he or she expected, you will get paid more and more vacations. I  cant guarantee this but trust me, works almost 80% of the times.

7. You will have to learn how to sell, no matter how much you hate it:

I know you will probably think you will contract some vendors, or that your affiliate will make the sells for you. You probably right, but you won't sell as much if you study and learn about sells. Its amazing how many people believe selling is not important even when they don't realize they sell themselves everyday to other people. Most of people get sold every day instead of selling everyday. See how many times you pay for this and that everyday, coffee, soda, chips, etc. But ask yourself how many times in a day or week you get paid ? How many times in a week you are getting money back and putting into your bank account ? The more you learn about selling the more money you will see.

8. You won’t get what you deserve. You’ll get what you negotiate:

Do you remember the last time you where teach in school how to negotiate your income ? I don't and probably you won't cause your teacher probably didn't negotiate their income when he or she had the interview job.  People will always try to take advantage in someway, even if they are paying you they want to keep their costs at the same level, so they want to recruit someone better for that job but still paying the same amount they paid the last guy or girl. Why should they pay you much more ? Well you need to prove it. Let them know why you are the best in that area. How many years of experience do you have, where and for how long you worked for certain company. If its your first job, try to explain that you learn very fast and let them know you were prepare taking some courses or reading books about that certain market or business area so they can see that your mind or brain is not empty.

9. You'll get paid to do what others refuse to do:

Have you seen your boss cleaning the toilets and mopping the floor ? Or maybe the Restaurant Chief parking cars ? You will probably think, Hey Adal what are you talking about ? They pay them to work in their areas because they are good at it. Exactly... They are getting paid to do that because someone else didn't want to make that specific job. So you will probably get paid to do someone else job, it could be your top boss, business partner etc.. The idea is to work in something you love, made it, sell it and you are happy!

10. You will be underpaid or overpaid your entire career:

Sounds unfair right?  Maybe it is but the true is people will pay you to resolve their problems. If you are very good in solving that problem they will pay you, if you are rare to find in an exotic or unique business like for example programmer, security research expert, they will pay you more. If your job or work can be made by many other people is harder to get overpaid and easier to be underpaid. This is when you need to understand your value and how you will help other people in your business area so they can pay you more. Other fact is that many people think that you check equals to happiness, and they couldn't be more wrong. If you are waiting every week for your check, and if you believe those days are the best days in your life, you probably should start analyzing and changing that before its late.

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